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The Phoenix Bound

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Amorim Romance

The Catch of Thunder Bay

An Amorim Romance: Book One

He never imagined his heart would be clawed in two. But after his life-threatening accident, what Martim once considered important, drastically changed.

Constance was a lonely lighthouse keeper ridiculed by the town’s debutant. Martim was a wealthy inheritor destined to marry the debutant. But after his ship tossed him into frigid waters, a twist of fate brought them together and tangled them into the depths of an enraptured romance.


The Phoenix Bound

An Amorim Romance: Book Two

Even after her brother Martim’s amorous wedding in Alpena, Isabella hadn’t had any intention of becoming romantically involved with anyone. She had been working as a nurse under her psychologist uncle’s tutelage at the Eastern Michigan Asylum for the Insane. Following her return from the wedding, an unexpected collision with her medicine cart changed everything Isabella thought she knew about herself.


A Romance Trilogy About


The novellas take place in 1890s Michigan. Various historical areas are spotlighted: a lighthouse, a real-life asylum that was only a few streets from the author's home, and several business locations in Detroit.


Transfixed into the newness of love and affection, the unfamiliar feather grip of passion and attraction leaves our main characters wanting more. And more.


The Amorim siblings battle with difficult choices. The weight of duty, expectations, and familial responsibilities can blur what's most important - love. The realness of sacrificing the tender and new petals of love over responsibility does not come easily.

The Legacy of Lanico

Reclaiming Odana

The Legacy of Lanico: Book One

Odana was Crown Prince Lanico’s home… until he was forced to flee following his defeat in battle and the siege of his kingdom.

After years of living hidden in the wilderness with his adopted son, Marin, Prince Lanico suddenly finds himself on a quest to return to his kingdom – to reclaim the lands that are rightfully his.

During his journey, Lanico finds himself facing a myriad of threats, making allies, and encountering other unexpected surprises along the way.

Ultimately, Lanico and his newfound band of warriors find themselves preparing for their next mission – the mission to reclaim Odana.


A Fantasy Series About


Consumed in his quest to rescue his son, General Prince Lanico stumbles upon long forgotten places, numerous adversaries, and into the role of unexpected hero for his countless WynSprign subjects.


Almost as if emerging from ash, she was there. She always had been. A reunification with the twin to Lanico’s soul, Treva transpires. The passionate language of their clashing swords takes a new form as they discover mystical ties that bind them further into their unfathomable love.


Despite hidden and powerful adversaries, the unrelenting Lanico aspires for greatness – not for himself but for his people and his kingdom. He must overcome the challenges from a new reign despite a devastating blow to his spirit, a shattering new loss.

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