About Maria E Cantu Alegre

Maria E Cantu Alegre was born and raised in the greater Metro-Detroit area, where she still lives today. She has a large closely-knit family that emotionally supports her writing endeavors and big dreams. She hopes to inspire others in her local community, and feels that in writing she can raise hope in others of the Latino community.

She understands that in her local community and in others beyond her own, that there is a belief – a lie really, that one cannot experience higher education and even perhaps a reality of following their dreams. She hopes to lift the veil of that lie and pave the way for others to write, or succeed at following their talents – whatever those talents may be.

She has been quoted as saying “-you have to be resolute and hard working to make your dreams a reality. Be bold and audacious enough to keep going, no matter how odd it may seem to others, or expensive, or time-consuming, just keep going, especially if you know that talent is what you’re supposed to be doing.”

Maria E Cantu Alegre has a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology from Oakland University in Michigan. She is married and has two children. She works full-time for a local non-profit. She enjoys lifting weights to clear her mind and refocus – she does this often. She prays daily, and relies on this time of reflection and giving thanks. She reads 1-2 books weekly. She ultimately spends little time on social media or watching TV because the rest of the time is needed for, well . . . living.



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